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 Quality Products


We've chosen our product lines because they offer only the best in quality and value to the end customer.  We pride ourselves in declining many products that would result in high revenues for our company, but do not adhere to the strict standards that KJS holds.  Many of the product lines that KJS promotes are American made to ensure quality and to support American workers.  Rest assured that when you select one of our premium lines, you are getting the best possible product for your group.


Bags for Bucks This link will redirect you to www.bagsforbucks.com

 KJS Enterprise is now the Bags for Bucks Distribution Center
 Made from 100% recycled plastic, this no non-sense
 fundraiser will gain customer loyalty for years to come.
Delisheries Cookie Mixes

 Non-frozen gourmet baking mixes!
Old World Spice Gourmet Baking Mixes

 Mixes for soups, cheese balls, and dips!
 Pine Valley Premium Cookie Dough

 Frozen Cookie Dough featuring a 21 Day room
 temperature shelf life!

From full product line Catalogs, to single page flyers, these programs make great fundraising solutions!