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  Pine Valley:
Premium Cookie Dough

For those groups who prefer a prepared or pre-portioned cookie dough, we offer Pine Valley's Premium collection of cookie dough.  Adding to the convience of this prepared dough, it has a 21 day room temperature (66-77 degrees) shelf life.  This provides a much needed window of opportunity for customers to deliver the product effectivley.  No more worrying about freezer space or where to store product not picked up by customers.
Available Cookie Dough Brochures:

Ultimate Collection Plus

From the timeless to the extravagant varieties, this award winning and elegant brochure is designed to enhance your sales! Beautifully photographed, these 16 pages are laden with appetizing cookies in both tub and pre-portioned. It also includes all 4 Scrumptious Sets! 

Gourmet Preportioned Cookie Dough

Sales escalate with the simplicity of our pre-portioned cookie dough. Offering the ultimate luxury of convenience, this elegant award winning brochure delivers 10 delectable flavors, and 2 Scrumptious Sets. Simply place, bake and savor a scrumptious experience.